Shaping Governance has helped many schools around the

Country to improve the effectiveness of their governance.

So, what do the schools say about the

Shaping Governance toolkit? 

Westminster Primary School

Improved Challenge

"Shaping Governance was the driver to improve the effectiveness of governance"

Pebble Brook Primary School

Evaluating Governance

"It’s a great team builder activity…I was amazed how much governors got through in two hours"

Sandymoor School, Runcorn

Improved teamwork

"Shaping Governance is non-threatening, and helps you to see how and why you need to act"

Marton and District CE Primary School

Ofsted Preparation

"…massive impact on securing governors knowledge and the skills needed to challenge school leaders effectively".


Create Learning Trust

Aligning school planning in a Multi-Academy Trust

"Shaping Governance is a great way for governors to learn, share and improve, and helped Create Learning Trust to get the most out of the role of local boards".


Hebden Green School

Succession Planning and Teamwork

"I had heard about Shaping Governance and Su’s reputation from colleagues within the region. I therefore wanted to work with Su to get her support in improving governance of my school".


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