Shaping Governance for MATs

Improving whole trust consistency and impact

Directors and Trustees need an in-depth awareness of how each of their schools operates and their performance; which can be tricky when you have a number of schools and as a Director, are one-step removed.  Ensuring consistency of practice and of accountability across trust schools is also key.

What if there was just one toolkit that a trust could use to improve individual academy governance as well as the Trust Board - well there is!   Shaping Governance!

The MAT version of Shaping Governance supports all layers of governance within a trust to learn, share, and improve, in one comprehensive programme.  Using Shaping Governance has proven effective attributes, including:


Shaping Governance supports all boards within a trust to explore and learn about 9 key areas of governance. Local boards build a picture of how they govern their school and where they need to improve; and the trust board gets a holistic view of the strengths and challenges in the trust, and how to improve effectiveness


All boards use a specially designed process to discuss and share their insight across the 9 key areas, leading to an up-skilling and levelling out of knowledge across governors and a picture of performance across the trust, great for succession planning and sharing good practice.


Local Boards are challenged to benchmark themselves against how they should govern, and from the good practice that we have identified. From this they identify their strengths and areas for development, and the trust uses this insight to develop an improvement plan to improve whole trust effectiveness.


Shaping Governance allows schools to communicate more effectively, session can be run with all schools in attendance - to share and compare; or the final report can be shared across the trust


Shaping Governance helps trusts to embed its DNA and build a picture of governance across the trust. It helps to ensure that schools, whilst different, are working consistently!


All schools that use Shaping Governance cite immediate benefits - as well as long term benefits when the recommendations are implemented

"The impact has been phenomenal!"

Here, Andy Moor, CEO of Holy Family Catholic MAT talks about what he likes about Shaping Governance and the value it has brought to his trust and governance.


Shaping Governance is a membership service, where once signed-up, every year* you will receive:

  • An award-winning Shaping Governance session in each school in your trust;
  • A bespoke Trust Development session using insight from the school reviews to reshape the effectiveness of the trust;
  • Insight from the good practice that we have identified;
  • Tailored reports and improvement plans; with our tips and recommendations;
  • Virtual support and progress checks throughout the year
  • A special Shaping Governance plaque for your reception area.
*Annual fee payable, see full T&C's