Free workforce development for employees and supporting local schools

Local companies have a vested interest in schools and the education provided to young people. After all, they are the future employees.

The role of a School Governor is not widely understood, but it is a key part of leadership and management.  School Governors are volunteers who guide a school’s strategic direction. This includes making decisions about the future direction of the school; deciding how funding is spent, supporting and challenging the headteacher, and guiding what young people learn. The decisions made by Governors' influence and shape young people’s opportunities to achieve their full potential.

As a local business, you can show your commitment to schools by becoming a Governance Advocate and encouraging your employees to serve as school governors.  It’s a win-win situation; employees gain valuable professional ‘board level’ skills that they bring back to the workplace, to benefit you; and local schools benefit from the valuable experience that volunteers from outside education bring.

There are many opportunities currently available.  So, to take advantage of these free workforce development opportunities, contact Su Turner of Insight to Impact Consulting Ltd for more information.

Insight to Impact Consulting Ltd is a Cheshire-based social purpose consultancy; committed to improving the skills and effectiveness of school governors; leading to better outcomes for children and young people.