Used by 100s of schools in the UK, Shaping Governance is a multi-award-winning

strategic school governance improvement toolkit, that improves the effectiveness of school governance.

Our approach is proven, inclusive and time-efficient, building unity in a board.

The Shaping Governance Toolkit is a nationally recognised,

ongoing self-evaluation tool, with a '5 Diamond' impact rating.


Shaping Governance is...


Used and valued by 100s of schools across England


Interactive, involving all in learning and improving


Contributes to improved Ofsted Judgements - with 100% impact

Concise and to the point,

Shaping Governance is a two-hour facilitated session, where you

will learn, share and identify improvements across nine key areas of governance. 

These cover core roles, statutory responsibilities, Ofsted framework,
and other important areas that governors need to understand and monitor,
that can sometimes be overlooked.

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